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Create unforgettable Caribbean memories with Cartagena Safari!
Zip through the flats of cartagena on airboat tours
Rip through the back country mangroves with us
Venture through a cypress forest and mangroves
Explore Cartagena's diverse wetlands in style
Stay safe and comfortable

Cartagena’s Top tour operators. Located in Terria Baja, Cartagena Colombia.

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Create unforgettable Caribbean memories with Cartagena Safari!

Jump on one of our Passenger airboats and explore Tierra Baja with us. Private and group tours available through the salt marsh! Hold On to your hats.

Local Roots

Most of our team grew up on the ocean and they all look forward to sharing their passion for the water and wildlife with you! Ask away any questions you may have.

Safety & Experience

Our safe, experienced captains are licensed by the Coast Guard, and our boats are regularly maintained.

Alligators & Animals

You'll definitely see alligators and other animals in our sanctuary and around our operations.

Quietest & Comfiest

Our custom airboats are the quietest and most comfortable they've ever been, with a ride just as thrilling.

Cruise through the wide open grasslands into secluded mangroves on this extended 50 minute tour. This tour gives you a experience in a airboat that can get closer to mangroves.

The 50 Minute Eco-Adventure Tour Starts with a Journey into nature’s secretly preserved wilderness made up of 1.4 million acres of grasslands and hardwood hammocks aboard Cartagena Safari Park airboat rides. This thrilling airboat ride takes you to the legendary National Park, recognized as the most unique ecosystem. Our professional tour guides will
guide you through this natural wonder where you will encounter lush vegetation and tranquility. You will be amidst alligators, native flora and fauna & other exotic wildlife in their habitat as you thrust through this River of Grass.

You may encounter alligators, turtles, deer, wild hogs, raccoons, native flora and fauna & other exotic wildlife as you glide through cartagenas’ lush vegetation and tranquility. This trip is simply amazing!

We take pride in the quality of our service and our facilities, and are constantly striving to make improvements to our park. In this manner, we hope to continue to play an important role in promoting the economy and environment of Colombia for many years to come.

In addition to serving the tourist industry of the Colombian coast, we are also dedicated to promoting the preservation of the local waters. We work with various schools and museums in the community as a field trip site for children in an effort to educate the public about the significant impact of the coastal waters upon our community and the necessity of protecting this valuable ecosystem.

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